Booking Procedure

INSTANT CONFIRMATION: If you check for availability and price is quoted you can go ahead and book this hotel and you will get instant confirmation of your booking. You can book online or if you wish we can help you with a booking over the phone. We are open 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 10-6pm, Saturdays, 12-8pm GMT on Sundays. Use our Toll Free/Free Phone numbers as indicated on the banner on this page.

NO EXTRAS: The price you see is the price you pay. Our reservations service has NO EXTRAS. No booking fees, no administration charges, no VAT, no service charge, no credit card charges.

A SMALL DEPOSIT SECURES YOUR BOOKING: At time of booking all we require is typically a deposit of 15% of the accommodation cost secured by a credit card. You will need valid credit card details (Mastercard / Visa/American Express)are required in order to guarantee a reservation. The credit card details are passed on to the hotel when a reservation is being confirmed. Unfortunately, we like all hotels cannot accept UK Debit cards.

A deposit is normally deducted after the client has confirmed that they wish to accept a booking. The amount of the deposit is typically 15% (can range from 10-20%) of the accommodation cost, depending upon the policy operated by the hotel. Confirmation of the reservation, together with a receipt for the deposit will be provided by Dublin Hotels Network to the user by email or by fax/phone on request

The user is to pay the full payment or balance of the payment to the accommodation provider when the user stays at the accommodation. The user will be responsible for any further charges levied by the accommodation provider.

CANCELLATIONS If the booker/reserved room holder fails to arrive for the first night’s accommodation, one night’s room charge may be charged to the customer’s credit card as authorised by the credit card holder. Cancellation terms are set by the hotels and vary from hotel to hotel. Cancellation terms will be notified to users when making the reservation.

The publisher does not accept responsibility for cancellations regardless of the circumstances under which the cancellation is made.

Dublin Hotels Network is party to the agreement and acts, as agents only and in principal shall have no responsibility in respect of the terms thereof, whether directly or indirectly. Dublin Hotels Network provide a booking service, and reserve the right to alter any arrangements or to cancel the booking due to unforeseen circumstances. All bookings for accommodation are made by Dublin Hotels Network as an agents for the establishment concerned on the understanding that they shall not accept any liability whatsoever for any injury, loss, damage, accident or delay caused by or in any way connected with the acts or defaults of any company or person engaged in carrying out the bookings, or of any proprietor or servant, or any liability whatsoever arising in any way directly or indirectly in connection with the making of the said booking.